Location Map of One-North Eden

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One-North Gateway Street Signage

History About One North Gateway, Queenstown

One-North is a business part occupying about 200-hectares in Queenstown, Singapore. It was planned and developed by JTC Corporation. It features residences, educational institutes, recreational amenities and research facilities.

The name One-North was inspired by the location of Singapore which is One-degree north of the equator. It comprises Fusionopolis, Biopolis, Wessex, Mediapolis, Rochester Park, One-north Park, Nepal Hill, Pixel, JTC LaunchPad @ One-north, and Vista.

The original plan to develop One-North dates back to 1991 featured in the National Technology Plan. However, the development took off on 4th December 2001 after being launched by Tony Tan Keng Yam, the then Deputy Prime Minister. The main objective was developing a knowledge based-economy and a global talent hub through the growth of Singapore info-communications technology, biomedical sciences, physical sciences, media and engineering sectors.

The Singaporean government has had plans to create a science hub in Buona Vista since 15th September 1998. This was after the Deputy Prime minister Tony Tan announced TechVenture 98. In April 1999, the government made the science hub a primary element in their development plan.

Jurong Town Corporation or JTC was announced by the Deputy Prime minister to steer the development of the science hub with help from private developers. London-based Zaha Hadid Architects was named the masterplan consultant for the project.

In June 2001, JTC’s Phase Z Ro Technopreneur Park was launched. The precursor to the Buona Vista science hub is situated next to Buona Vista MRT station. It features 60 container units with information technology companies with less than S$1 m turnover. JTC used Phase Z.Ro as it’s on-site offices and it acted as a pilot project before the development of the science hub. The container units were later removed to pave the way for construction of the science hub.